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GFA Requests Feedback on Measures

March 23, 2023

The first of a two-year legislative session is underway with the highest number of bills introduced in over a decade. We will continue to engage with you as bills are amended and move through the Legislature. CSAC is currently soliciting feedback on the bills listed below. Please send your feedback to Brian Cote.

AB 504 (Reyes) State and local public employees: labor relations: disputes

This bill would provide that it is not unlawful or a cause for discipline or other adverse action against a state or local public employee for that employee to refuse to enter property that is the site of a primary labor dispute, perform work for an employer involved in a primary labor dispute, or go through or work behind a primary picket line. The bill would prohibit an employer from directing an employee to take those actions. The bill would authorize a recognized employee organization to inform employees of these rights and encourage them to exercise those rights. The bill would also state that a provision in a public employer policy or collective bargaining agreement that purports to limit or waive the rights set forth in this provision shall be void against public policy.

AB 626 (Pellerin) Voting: returning vote by mail ballots in person

This bill would authorize a voter to vote their vote by mail ballot without the identification envelope if the voter returns the ballot in person at the polling place designated for the voter’s home precinct or a vote center, if specified conditions are met. The bill would require a ballot cast in this manner to be processed and counted like a nonprovisional ballot cast in person at the polling place or vote center.

AB 730 (Lowenthal) California Public Records Act: public agency employees: notice requirements: personnel and medical information

As it pertains to the California Public Records Act, this bill would require public agencies to provide a public agency employee with written notice of a request to disclose a record related to personnel, medical, or similar information of that employee, as specified. The bill would also require the agency, before disclosing or making those records available, to provide not less than 21 days written notice to the employee of its intent to disclose or make the records available. The bill would further expand the definition of “unusual circumstances” to include the need to provide those advance written notices.

AB 884 (Low) Elections: Language accessibility

Among other provisions, this bill would require a county elections official to establish a language accessibility advisory committee that is comprised of includes representatives of language minority communities, as specified. The bill would require a county elections official to conduct outreach with community-based organizations to educate voters who have indicated a language preference and to make reasonable efforts to recruit elections officials who are fluent in an identified language. The bill would require the content of state and county elections internet websites to be translated into identified languages, as specified.

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