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GO-Biz Launches “The Permitting Olympics” for Permit Streamlining of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

February 4, 2021

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) recently launched “The Permitting Olympics” in an effort to encourage local governments to comply with streamlined approval requirements for electric vehicle charging (EV) stations.

GO-Biz will be awarding permitting medals to jurisdictions that have streamlined permits for EV charging stations, based on the requirements of AB 1236 (Chapter 598, Statutes of 2015). Medals will be awarded county by county, based on all the jurisdictions within the county as follows: 

  • Counties with 100% of their region streamlined = Gold
  • Counties with 75% of their region streamlined = Silver
  • Counties with 50% of their region streamlined = Bronze

GO-Biz’s goal is for all counties to be awarded the Gold medal by Earth Day, which will be on April 22, 2021. So far, three counties have been awarded the Gold medal, four counties have been awarded the Silver medal, and three counties have been awarded the Bronze medal.

GO-Biz  has also partnered with Veloz to produce “Clearing the Path to Permitting Charging Stations – AB 1236” — a video to encourage jurisdictions to come into compliance with current permit streamlining requirements for EV charging stations.

AB 1236 required jurisdictions to adopt an ordinance for an expedited, streamlined permitting process for EV charging stations and also required local agencies to adopt a checklist of all requirements with which EV charging stations must comply to be eligible for expedited review.

In February 2020, CSAC co-hosted an informational webinar with the League of California Cities featuring a presentation from GO-Biz on streamlined approval requirements for EV charging stations to help jurisdictions better understand these requirements pursuant to AB 1236. 

CSAC encourages counties to review the map GO-Biz has developed and published, which shows EV charging station permit streamlining across the state and tracks whether jurisdictions are in compliance with AB 1236.

If you have questions, please reach out to the GO-Biz Zero Emission Vehicle team at zev@gobiz.ca.gov.

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