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Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order on Generative Artificial Intelligence

September 7, 2023 

On September 6, 2023, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-12-23 to study the development, use, and risks of artificial intelligence (AI) technology throughout the state. As Governor Newsom’s press release notes, California is a global hub for generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), and as an emerging field of technology, GenAI may revolutionize the world. As well reported, this technology may present transformative benefits for society in a number of fields ranging from advances in medicine, wildfire forecasting and prevention, revolutionizing the transportation sector, providing operational efficiencies across various sectors of the economy, and providing better metrics to make data-informed policy decisions, just to name a few benefits. With these benefits, come risks, as referenced in the Governor’s Executive Order, including terrorism, cyberattacks, disinformation, deception, and discrimination and bias.

The Governor’s Executive Order includes a number of provisions, including the development a risk-analysis report; procurement blueprint; beneficial uses of GenAI report; deployment and analysis framework; state employee training; GenAI partnership and symposium; a legislative engagement strategy, and evaluative measures to assess the impacts of AI on an ongoing basis. Counties will closely monitor the development and progress of the report expected to be developed by the Government Operations Agency, the California Department of Technology, the Office of Data and Innovation, and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development which is expected to examine the beneficial uses of GenAI tool deployment and the potential risks to individuals, communities, and governments.

As the largest political subdivision of the state, counties provide a variety of critical local government services and are ready to engage as a key stakeholder in ensuring the responsible use of AI. If your county is interested in discussing AI, please reach out to CSAC’s Government Finance and Administration staff Kalyn Dean and Jessica Sankus.

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