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HCD Funding and Resources Available to Accelerate Housing Production 

August 15, 2019                                                  

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has published the SB 2 Planning Grants Technical Assistance Accelerating Housing Production webpage. The interactive map shows which cities and counties have applied for housing planning grants and received technical assistance. Sonoma and Tehama Counties are the first two counties to submit an SB 2 planning grant application, with an additional nine counties already working on draft proposals.

The webpage includes new resources, tools, and the first-ever statewide peer-to-peer sharing map, which is intended to help cities and counties accelerate housing production and streamline approvals.

The interactive map demonstrates what cities and counties are doing to accelerate housing production, including:

  • Rezoning to permit by-right housing
  • Promoting accessory dwelling units
  • Developing objective design and development standards
  • Implementing CEQA streamlining strategies
  • Planning adaptation strategies to address wildfires, sea level rise, residential adaptation, and floods 

The webpage will be updated regularly to include policies and implementation strategies from other cities and counties throughout the state, as well as additional toolkits and resources to help speed up housing production and approvals.

The webpage will soon include:

  • A collection of customizable model ordinances and code amendments with an emphasis on by-right zoning. Model ordinances will include:
    • Accessory dwelling units
    • Reasonable accommodation
    • Density bonus
    • Incentive zoning
    • A variety of housing-type ordinances
  • An objective design and development standards toolkit with examples of infill and multifamily development for rural and urban jurisdictions.
  • An accessory dwelling unit toolkit with a web-based calculator and permit-ready concepts.

CSAC encourages counties to utilize these tools and to apply for the planning grants available. Counties can find their technical assistance regional liaisons at this link for help with planning grant applications.

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