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HLT California Coastal Act Bills – Request for Feedback

March 28, 2024

The second year of the two-year legislative session is well underway. The Legislature is now in the middle of committee and subcommittee hearings. The Legislature has adjourned for Spring Recess on March 21st and will reconvene on April 1st . April 26th will be the last day for policy committees to hear and report to the fiscal committees the fiscal bills that are introduced in the house of origin. The Legislature has started budget subcommittee hearings but is continuing to leave most items open for discussion while they wait for the Department of Finance and the Administration to issue the May Revise, which will be around mid-May. The following are a couple of bills relating to the California Coastal Act that the Housing, Land Use and Transportation Policy Committee is seeking your county’s feedback on. Please send any comments or feedback on the following bills to Kristina Gallagher at kgallagher@counties.org.

SB 951 (Wiener) California Coastal Act of 1976 : coastal zone: coastal development.

SB 951 clarifies that the California Coastal Commission does not have jurisdiction to appeal projects that are within the permitted uses for a specific parcel where there is a local coastal program (LCP) in place. Senate Bill 951 will refine the role the Commission plays in the process of local permitting and housing element compliance while maintaining full coastal resource protection. These changes will allow local governments to retain control necessary to progress on housing production goals.

SB 1077 (Blakespear) Coastal resources: coastal development permits: accessory and junior accessory dwelling units: parking requirements.

SB 1077 will remove the Coastal Development Permit (CDP) requirement for Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)  and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) additions to existing residential properties that are not near sensitive coastal natural resources. This bill will maintain the Coastal Act’s protections for California’s coastal habitats while making it easier for coastal homeowners whose projects have a low risk of damaging those habitats to add ADUs and JADUs. The bill seeks to simplify the entitlement process for adding ADUs and JADUs to certain residential properties in the coastal zone.

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