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Housing and Land Use Signings & Vetoes

Sept. 27, 2018

AB 1804 (Berman) – Signed by Governor: CSAC requested the Governor’s signature on AB 1804, which provides an exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for qualifying multifamily housing projects located in unincorporated areas until 2025. CSAC has pursued CEQA streamlining for infill housing in unincorporated areas for many years, so the Governor’s signature on AB 1804, especially after a similar bill failed in the Senate last year, was a significant victory for counties and Assembly Member Berman. The exemption created by AB 1804 will help counties expedite multifamily housing projects located in neighborhoods ranging from unincorporated islands in major metropolitan areas to rural downtowns in many smaller counties.

AB 2219 (Ting) – Signed By Governor:  CSAC requested the Governor’s signature on AB 2219, which allows third party rent payments, subject to various conditions, and should help facilitate county or non-profit programs to “buy-down” rents for people at risk of losing their housing or as part of a rapid rehousing strategy.

AB 2598 (Quirk) – Signature Requested. CSAC has requested a signature on AB 2598, which would facilitate code enforcement efforts by increasing penalties for violations of local ordinances, especially in the case of commercial properties where illegal dumping or other unauthorized uses have occurred.

AB 2923 (Chiu and Grayson) – Veto Requested. CSAC has requested the Governor’s veto of AB 2923. This bill creates a complex land use planning process that has the effect of ceding local government land use planning authority to a transit district. While the county-adopted land use plans for each transit station affected by the bill already accommodate transit-oriented infill growth, CSAC objects to the precedent that AB 2923 will create.

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