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Implementation Progress for 2019-20 County IHSS MOE

August 22, 2019

CSAC and counties have worked together to achieve a significant implementation outcome for the new county In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Maintenance of Effort (MOE). As counties are aware, the Governor’s proposal to revise the IHSS MOE was enacted into law in Senate Bill 80 (Chapter 27, Statutes of 2019). The new lowered MOE is the work of two years of effort by CSAC and counties to create a more sustainable IHSS fiscal structure. CSAC is grateful to the Governor and the Legislature for this outcome and the increased State General Fund commitment for IHSS costs that is ongoing and that totals nearly $2 billion in the first four years of this new structure. One of the first tasks to implement the rebased MOE is to determine the individual county MOE amounts.

The Department of Finance is required to consult with CSAC on making these determinations. CSAC formed an IHSS MOE Subcommittee of the existing CSAC IHSS Working Group to secure county input in developing the methodology for the county MOE amounts. The Subcommittee was co-chaired by Mono County Supervisor John Peters and Napa County Supervisor Belia Ramos and included County Administrative Officers (CAOs) from rural, suburban, and urban counties, as well as county technical experts.

The Subcommittee developed a straightforward, two-step methodology that determines how to get from the county amounts of the MOE prior to the rebase to the county amounts of the new lower 2019-20 MOE. The first step removes the increases from the end of the State General Fund mitigation and the seven percent inflation factor in the same county-by-county manner that they were added. The second step provides every county with an equal 2.01 percent decrease from that point to the new 2019-20 MOE amount. Full details about the IHSS MOE methodology are available in the 2019-20 IHSS MOE County Amounts Methodology Brief.

Once the Subcommittee developed the recommended methodology, all CAOs were briefed and CSAC’s officers gave their approval for moving forward. The IHSS MOE methodology was then shared with the Administration for their consideration. The Department of Finance and Department of Social Services have confirmed that they are moving forward with implementation. The next step is for the Department of Social Services to officially establish the county MOE amounts through a County Fiscal Letter.

Additional IHSS resources are available at www.counties.org/ihss-moe. CSAC will continue to partner with counties and lead on other aspects of implementing the new IHSS MOE, as well as develop further resources and training opportunities.


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