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Institute Impact: 31 Counties Attended Realignment 101

October 26, 2023

County leaders, managers, and staff from across the state gathered in downtown Sacramento last week to unpack the complexities of 1991 Realignment and 2011 Realignment. The 97 attendees represented more than 30 counties and nearly filled the 14th floor of Esquire Tower, one of the newest and tallest buildings near the Capitol.

The two-day course was lead by three realignment experts with extensive real-world experience:

  • Diane Cummins, Special Advisor to the Governor
  • Roberto Manchia, San Mateo County Chief Financial Officer 
  • Ardee Apostol, Assistant Finance Director, HHSA-ABO

Day 1 focused on the core dynamics that continue to shape and reshape local and state responsibilities and funding streams for realignment programs. This included a presentation from CSAC Chief Policy Officer Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez on the connections between longstanding realignment issues and emerging shifts in the California Legislature.

On Day 2, the faculty facilitated a deeper dive. Participants used online spreadsheets, interactive exercises, and a range of comparative examples to better understand how realignment funding works and why each component of realignment has the particular shape that it does. One result was that the instructors managed to help bridge a knowledge gap between participants with financial expertise and those with program expertise.

The course’s wide-ranging activities encouraged both groups to understand each other’s perspective, identify connections, and find ways of collaborating.

The CSAC Institute plans to host Realignment 101 twice in 2024. If interested in participating in our next Realignment 101, please regularly visit CSACinstitute.org to check for updated schedules. 


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