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Leadership Insights: How NACo’s Data Analytics Course Leverages Peers and Mentors

September 28, 2023

As a county leader, you likely know that data is increasingly central to the way public agencies evaluate new investments and make high-stakes trade-offs. You may also know that you can learn to improve your understanding of data analytics in several ways. You can use trial and error.  You can seek out experienced colleagues. Or you can expand and accelerate your abilities through professional development.

That’s where our partners at NACo and Professional Development Academy (PDA) come in: They’ve developed an 8-week online program—Leading in Analytics—to help executives, senior managers, and other data-driven professionals to navigate the emerging pressures surrounding data science and data analytics. 

The program is notably interactive: Instructors use peer-group discussion and dedicated mentorship to drive engagement and maximize learning outcomes. Participants come away with a working knowledge of why organizations should utilize data science, how leaders can create data analytics teams and conversations, and what to focus on amidst constant data-related changes. 

Click here to review the curriculum. Or click here to email Luke Afeman, our partner at PDA, to enroll or get more information. The next program begins October 23rd.


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