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Legislature Introduces New Resiliency Bonds

August 29, 2019

The Legislature has recently introduced two general obligation bonds that could be on the 2020 statewide ballot. The bonds are generally aimed at supporting improvements in wildfire resiliency, water quality, groundwater, environmental restoration and flood protection. These measures are not expected to be adopted during the final weeks of this legislative session, but are expected to be discussed in greater detail in the second year of the legislative session. CSAC is working with the authors of these measures and will continue to work with them over the fall.

The Legislature is also considering SB 45 (Allen), the Wildfire, Drought, and Flood Protection Bond Act which is a $4.1 billion general obligation bond. CSAC has a support in concept position on SB 45, and is working to ensure that any measure that is put before the voters has adequate resources for local governments. Please find more details about the two newly introduced measures below.

AB 352 (E. Garcia): This measure is titled the Wildfire Prevention, Safe Drinking Water, Drought Preparation and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2020. The measure proposes issuing a general obligation bond of $3.9 billion. Highlights of the bond include:

  • $1.25 billion for wildfire, drought, and disaster preparedness
  • $925 million for safe drinking water
  • $150 million for multibenefit flood control projects
  • $100 million for sustainable groundwater management
  • $100 million for agriculture climate risk resiliency
  • $106 million for the California Natural Resource Agency’s Regional Forest Capacity Program
  • $230 for climate resiliency and disaster prevention

AB 1298 (Mullin): This measure is titled the Climate Resiliency, Fire Risk Reduction, Recycling, Groundwater and Drinking Water Supply, Clean Beaches, and Jobs Infrastructure Bond Act of 2020. Currently, the measure does not have a specific allotments listed in the bill. However, categories of programs to be funded include wildfire and disaster preparedness, groundwater, flood control, stormwater, healthy soils, workforce development. In addition, this bond includes a potential allocation for the development of recycling and organic waste infrastructure.

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