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Measure to Remove Hurdle for Local Governments to Fund Affordable Housing Advances

June 6, 2019

CSAC is pleased to support SCA 1, which Senators Allen and Wiener are jointly authoring to repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution upon approval of the statewide electorate. SCA 1 passed out of the Senate Housing Committee earlier this week. If it passes the Legislature and is approved by the voters, this constitutional amendment would remove limitations on counties’ ability to financially support affordable housing without voter approval, while maintaining local voter approval requirements for new taxes or general obligation bonds to support housing.

Article 34 was added to the California Constitution through a ballot measure in 1950 and was designed to impede the construction of healthy and affordable homes for Californians at all income levels. It requires voter approval in order for a local government to build or fund affordable housing. This provision in the California Constitution stands as an administrative hurdle for counties that seek to fund the development of additional affordable homes in their jurisdictions, as several have done in recent years through bond measures.

CSAC will continue to monitor SCA 1 closely and keep counties updated as it moves through the legislative process.  

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