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Resources for Child Care Zoning and Licensing Law

October 6, 2022

In 2020, a new law (SB 234, Chapter 244, Statutes of 2019) went into effect that aims to increase the availability of family child care homes. The sponsor of the legislation, the Child Care Law Center, reached out to CSAC to share new and updated resources with counties regarding the implementation of this law.

SB 234 made various changes regarding licensing and zoning for family child care homes, including several that directly impact county regulations. These include:

  • Requiring that licensed large family daycare homes be treated as a residential use of property for purposes of local ordinances,
  • Indicating that the use of a home as a small or large family daycare home is considered a residential use of property and a use by right for purposes of local ordinances, including zoning ordinances, and
  • Clarifying that a local government cannot require a business license, fee, or tax in order to operate a small or large family daycare home.

Below are resources and guidance from state agencies and the sponsor of the legislation that can assist with SB 234 implementation:

  • Child Care Law Center
    • Fact sheet on family child care homes for cities and counties
    • Fact sheet on zoning and business protections for family child care homes
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