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Safeguarding California: Draft Climate Action Plan

May 11, 2017

The California Natural Resources Agency released a new draft Safeguarding California and Climate Change Adaptation Policy. This document is the state’s strategy plan for climate change adaptation, and serves to “communicate current and needed actions state government should take to build climate resiliency.”

The 2017 update will build on the 2009 California Adaptation Strategy and the 2014 Safeguarding California version. Natural Resources notes that they “use a number of words, including adaptation, resilience, readiness, and safeguarding, to describe a simple concept: ensuring that people, communities, and natural systems are able to withstand the impacts of climate disruption.”

The Natural Resources Agency is hosting several workshops throughout the state to gain input on the plan. Workshops will be held in Merced (May 16), San Francisco (May 22), Coachella (May 30), Los Angeles (May 31), Auburn (second week of June), and San Diego (June 12). All are invited to share experience, expertise, and perspective; if you are unable to attend a workshop, you can provide comments via email. More details are online at http://resources.ca.gov/climate/safeguarding/.

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