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Spotlight on Spring Runoff Preparedness

April 27, 2023

Temperatures are climbing and the inevitable snowmelt is underway across the state. Yosemite is closing due to flood threat, reservoirs are moving water out to make room for more snowmelt, and rivers are rising across the state. Floodwaters are covering historic lakebeds and floodplains are activating throughout the valley communities. There are estimates of upward to $1 trillion in damages in the likelihood of a statewide flood.

In response, counties are preparing their residents and businesses in many ways from community meetings to direct communication and social media posts. Supervisor Buddy Mendes recently toured Fresno County and joined with local emergency managers to produce a video as part of their comprehensive Flood Warnings “Life Over Recreation” media toolkit.

Inyo County is holding a community meeting with the local water system manager, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power on Thursday, April 27 from 5-6 p.m. for property owners in the Owens Valley.

CSAC continues to monitor the runoff events and is looking to the future through a coordinated campaign to improve water planning statewide for all beneficial uses. The passage of CSAC’s sponsored legislation Senate Bill (SB) 366 (Caballero) out of CA’s Senate Committee of Natural Resources and Water is a crucial step toward ensuring adequate and reliable water supplies for California. Learn more about SB 366 and how it will transform the state’s water management for all: www.CAWaterForAll.com. CSAC is also supporting SB 23 (Caballero) to streamline permitting for water supply and flood projects, and SB 361 (Dodd) which supports increasing stream gages statewide.

Keep up with current river state monitoring at NOAA’s daily river forecast map, or through the Department of Water Resources Flood Emergency Response Information Exchange (FERIX).

For more information contact Catherine Freeman at cfreeman@counties.org.

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