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Summer-Fall Term: Three Reasons to Take Virtual Courses from the Institute

July 27, 2023

The CSAC Institute is excited to continue making many of our high-impact courses available online. Since 2008, we’ve provided continuing education to nearly 6,000 county leaders, executive mangers, and senior staff. If you’d like to join our expanding community or you’d like to access more or our offerings, like to invite you to consider leveraging our virtual opportunities.

Here are three common reasons for signing up for virtual courses:

  1. “I missed an in-person Institute class for my credential.” Core and elective course requirements are offered on-site and online. So if you weren’t able to attend an on-site course and want to make up for it, check to see if you can take it virtually this term.


  1. “I need to more units to earn my credential.” Maybe you want to advance your career faster by finalizing your credential in the next term or two. If so consider checking to see if you can fulfill core and/or elective requirements with virtual courses.  


  1. “I’m interested in team building, DEI, and other leadership skills, but I’m busy.” Maybe you’re interested in leveraging our diverse offerings to gain personal understanding and professional effectiveness, but you can’t make on-site courses. Consider taking our virtual courses to accommodate your competing priorities. Some of our newest offerings are virtual courses, including Self-Care in Public Service Environments and How to Build and Lead Micro-Cultures.


Click here to review all virtual and on-site courses for the Summer-Fall Term.


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