Job Opportunity

Health Officer
Shasta County

Date Posted:

September 1, 2022


$16,390 – $20,919 APPROXIMATE MONTHLY


The ideal candidate will be an exceptional strategic thinker, demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills, have a proven background in public health, be knowledgeable about population-based approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of residents, and be skilled at building and maintaining community partnerships, especially with the medical community. The Health Officer must be able to maintain a professional demeanor, project credibility and poise, and accurately assess risks and options to identify strategies and solutions, even in complex, critical situations and when faced with conflicting and/or incomplete information. They must base their recommendations on analysis of short- and long-term consequences or implications, share their reasoning clearly, and adjust according to changing information.


Ability to: Apply principles and techniques of modern medicine and public health; establish and maintain good working relationships with staff and medical personnel, officials, and the local community; analyze disaster or emergency situations and take prompt and appropriate action; demonstrate leadership skills to improve the public’s health; analyze and evaluate data, draw conclusions and make recommendations; exercise independent judgement; provide clinical oversight and training to medical provider staff; communicate technical information to persons with varying degrees of medical knowledge; accurately perform public health-related medical diagnosis and treatment; develop clear and comprehensive written reports; use automated systems and other appropriate sources of public health information; assist in the evaluation of public health programs; write effective procedures, protocols and policies for public health-related clinical services provision; speak and write effectively.

How to Apply:

For more information and to apply online, please visit or submit an application to the Shasta County Personnel Office.

Filing Deadline:


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