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Providing Counties with a Glimpse of Their Membership Benefits

This week, CSAC is distributing a new, annual publication to county leaders titled the “2010 & 2011 Member Benefits & Participation Review.” This piece was developed by CSAC to provide our members with insight into what programs and services their specific county is taking advantage of and how they are benefiting the county and its leadership.

The county-specific reports look at six areas:

  • Finance Corporation program participation, including programs utilized and their benefits to the local community.
  • Advocacy benefits, including fiscal relief from specific legislation.
  • Involvement on boards and committees, showing how county members are involved in CSAC leadership.
  • Educational and professional development, outlining the number of county members taking advantage of CSAC major meetings and Institute courses.
  • Awards and recognition, showing the CSAC awards received by county members.
  • Communications, highlighting the number of county individuals to receive major CSAC electronic publications.

Each January, we will provide each county with a glimpse of its previous two years.

Over the years, CSAC has continued to provide new and enhanced programs and services. We want to make sure our membership is taking full advantage of them. If you would like additional information on how your county can take further utilize any of these programs/services, please let us know.

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