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Journey Begins for County Supervisors-Elect

They came from throughout California — 54 strong as they prepare for their new role as county supervisor. They came together this morning in Los Angeles County for the first of two days of instruction in the CSAC New Supervisors Institute. Before listening to panels consisting of current supervisors, county administrators and county counsels , the supervisors-elect took time to tell their individual stories.

Their backgrounds are as diverse as their politics: rancher, restaurant owner, teacher, truck driver, military colonel, fire chief, father of five foster children… The list goes on and on. Their stories were insightful and at times, highly entertaining.

They represent diverse counties, ranging from Alpine (county population: 1,168) to San Diego (640,000 residents in each supervisorial district). They traveled from the furthest reaches of the state – Del Norte to Imperial.

They came to learn, network and get involved.

Three have previously served as county supervisors, but came back because they wanted to make a difference – again. And they know that an elected official can best make a difference at the local level. A handful held already served on city councils or school boards. But for the vast majority, this is their first foray as an elected official.

What they all share, though, is a sense of optimism, a strong belief that they can – and will – make a difference in their counties over the next four years.

 They are the California County Supervisors Class of 2013.

Overall, the “students” in the 2012-13 New Supervisors Institute constitute 87 percent of those elected this year. During the course of the Institute, they will receive more than 30 hours of instruction, coming together again in the winter and spring in Sacramento.

CSAC welcomes them to their new position. We will do our best to help them during their new journey.

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