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Premier Forum Covers ACA, Immigration and More

The California State Association of Counties and the CSAC Finance Corporation held our Premier Forum in San Diego County late last week. The venue was lovely and the social and recreational events were wonderful, but the meeting was definitely the highlight of the event. Our presenters shared compelling stories about the incredible challenges they face serving the diverse needs of the people of this great state in this time of great change.

Journalist, blogger and political commentator Greg Lucas ( ) kicked off the day with a brilliant and engaging overview of California’s origins as a haven for the immigrants from across the globe and the implications that has had throughout the years and for all of us today. Nick Macchione Director of Public Health in San Diego County, shared details of their ambitious program “Live Well San Diego” which is having a meaningful impact on the health of the employees and residents of the county.

University of California Regent and California Endowment Board Member Russ Gould gave us two very different perspectives on the costs, challenges and implications of implementing the Affordable Care Act. And CAO’s Jay Orr from Riverside County and Larry Spikes from Kings County lead an interactive discussion on the changing demographics of this state and what that will mean for service delivery and leadership development in county government. National Association of Counties’ CIO Dr. Bert Jarreau provided valuable background information about the economic impact of these shifts.

We value our Premier Corporate Members and we are committed to continuing to provide you with opportunities like this that grow your knowledge and understanding of California’s counties and help you develop lasting relationships with our members. For those of you who were not able to join us, we hope you will be with us next time. This event was just the start. Let’s continue the conversation!

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