Heat Emergency

September 4, 2022

To:         County Supervisors
              County Administrators/Executives
              County Emergency Managers
              County Legislative Coordinators

From:    Graham Knaus, CSAC Executive Director

Counties Asked to Assist in Electricity Conservation During Critical Heat Event

Governor Newsom is asking all counties to join in broad electricity conservation efforts over the next three days (and possibly beyond) to avoid brown/blackouts during this dangerous statewide heat wave.

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) is projecting an electricity deficit tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the hours of 4 to 10 p.m. All Californians and organizations are asked to take all measures to conserve electricity during this time – which is one hour longer than the preceding days’ Flex Alerts.

Counties should take conservation measures within all county-controlled buildings. This includes setting thermostats at 78 degrees or higher, avoid using major appliances, and turning off all unnecessary lights. We acknowledge the heat emergency actions counties are already undertaking, such as opening cooling centers and communicating with high-risk populations about the dangers of prolonged heat exposure.  

Counties and utilities are also coordinating heat emergency operations under CAISO’s Energy Emergency Alert system, which now stands EEA 2. Should the state reach an EEA 3, controlled power curtailments would be imminent or in progress. This could happen as early as tomorrow.

Daytime high temperatures are forecast at 10-20 degrees above normal in much of the state and record-breaking heat is projected in some parts of California. CAISO is projecting a load forecast of 48,817 megawatts and energy deficits between 2,000 and 4,000 megawatts for Monday, making rotating outages possible. Tuesday’s peak demand is forecast to be 50,087 megawatts, just shy of the all-time record of 50,270 megawatts set in 2006.

Counties can contribute to keeping the lights on by joining these urgent conservation efforts. CSAC will share information as this dangerous heat event continues to persist.


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(September 4, 2022)

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