CSAC AENR List of Action Bills

SB 45 (Allen) – Support in Concept – As Amended 3.7.19:

This bill would allow voters to decide on the issuance of $4.3 billion in general obligation debt for the purpose of funding wildfire, drought, flood protection and other resiliency projects across California. In general, counties support generating more resources for disaster preparedness and resiliency efforts. CSAC is particularly appreciative of the sections in SB 45 that provide potential funding in the areas of reducing wildfire risk, creating healthy forests and watersheds, and multi-benefit flood projects. CSAC provided a support in concept letter to committee and author.


SB 67 (McGuire) – Support – As Amended 3.4.19:

This bill would allow temporary commercial cannabis permits issued by the state to remain valid until January 1st, 2020 provided that certain conditions are met. This bill is an important step in providing the state and local jurisdictions time to process license applications as California continues to develop both a burgeoning cannabis market and regulatory framework simultaneously. Local governments are partners with the state in implementing Proposition 64 and the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA). SB 67 (McGuire) would provide an extension of the validity of current temporary licenses is in order to help cultivators, and other commercial cannabis businesses, to stay in the licensing scheme and continue to pursue a transition to annual license. CSAC submitted a support letter on this measure.


SB 185 (McGuire) – Support – As Amended 3.13.19:

This bill would require the creation of an organic certification program for cannabis and manufactured cannabis products. In addition, the bill would also require the Department of Food and Agriculture to develop standards for a cultivator to designate a country of origin for its cannabis products. CSAC supports the creation of an organic certification process for cannabis products and a process to designate a county of origin.


AB 257 (Mathis) – Support – As Introduced 1.23.19:

This bill would create a free of charge woody biomass collection and disposal pilot program for five years in rural counties with less than 250,000 residents and would require the disposal of woody biomass through conversion in a way that reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions. CSAC supports the development of resources to improve the conditions of California’s forests and improve public safety in areas that are threatened by wildfire. It is for these reasons that we have a support position on AB 257 (Mathis).


AB 402 (Quirk) – Support – As Amended 3.5.19:

This bill would help improve the condition of California’s small drinking water systems by providing more state resources to help local government run Local Primacy Agencies (LPAs) that are tasked with oversight, administration and enforcement duties by the State Water Board. Specifically, this bill would allow for LPAs, which are run by county health officials, to participate in funding stabilization program to help with program administration costs. CSAC supports efforts to provide more tools that can help improve drinking water conditions for Californians across the state.


AB 1080 (Gonzalez) – Support – As Amended 3.19.19:

This bill is similar to SB 54 (Allen) which CSAC has supported. AB 1080 would require the adoption of regulations to source reduce and recycle 75% of single-use packaging and products sold or distributed in California by 2030. This bill would also require that by 2030, all single-use plastic packaging distributed and used in California be recyclable or compostable. Market development is an important part of the solution, but source reduction is a key component to waste management as well. We believe this bill will help close the loop and also develop incentives and policies to encourage in-state manufacturing using recycled material generated in California. It is for these reasons that CSAC supported AB 1080 (Gonzalez).


AB 1375 (Bigelow) – Support – As Introduced 2.22.19:

This bill would provide that the state share for the removal of dead and dying trees in connection with the Governor’s proclamation of a state of emergency be no more than 90% of total state eligible costs. The California Disaster Assistance Act currently requires the state to share no more than 75% of total eligible costs for disaster project allocations with local agencies. By increasing this share to 90%, AB 1375 (Bigelow) would help provide critical funds to local agencies, enabling the removal of additional hazardous trees from our forests. CSAC is committed to working with our local, state and federal partners to address this critical issue. In addition, CSAC supported this concept last year when it was proposed through AB 2966 (Aguiar-Curry) This bill would help to provide badly needed resources to local governments who are ready and willing to partner with the state to address this statewide crisis. It is for these reasons that CSAC supports AB 1375 (Bigelow).


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