CSAC & Coalition Successfully Advocate For Changes to NACo Platform Related to Cannabis

CSAC along with coalition partners at the Washington and Oregon State Association of Counties successfully sponsored several cannabis related platform changes at this year’s National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Meeting in Davidson County, Tennessee.

The changes to NACo’s platform were adopted by the General Assembly and Board of Directors. CSAC has been working over the last several years with other legalizing states at NACo to develop federal advocacy strategies that reduce the barriers to regulating cannabis at the state level, which in many circumstances conflict with current federal law. CSAC is spearheading the coalition of counties and states in advocating for changes at the federal level that will enable counties to effectively regulate cannabis businesses under their state’s law.

These platform changes would support states’ rights to legalize cannabis, while not legalizing it at the federal level. The adopted changes would also allow NACo to be a more active participant in federal advocacy efforts on cannabis issues.

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