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One of the favorite parts of my job at CSAC is meeting the incredible men and women who serve our local communities. At every level of county service- from a records clerk to a supervisor, everyone has a story to share. It’s my honor to tell those stories both to the County Family and also to the world.

At CSAC, our strength is our membership, and the Communications Team works hard to showcase our members through a variety of different vehicles. While our annual meeting in November will be virtual, the awards given out will be real, as we spotlight the Circle of Service recipients, Distinguished Service and President’s Awards and more. The annual Challenge Awards are another vehicle we use to spotlight excellence and innovation in County leadership. This year we received a record number of Challenge Award submissions and we look forward to sharing the winning entries with you in the months to come.

Earlier this year, we launched a series called Profiles in Leadership to spotlight members of the County Family who have shown time and time again to be strong leaders in our Association. View the latest profiles on our website here.

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to tell the county story, so we’re delighted to share our latest feature designed to spotlight our members.

Those who follow us on social media may be familiar with our County of the Week series, where we showcase fun and historical factoids about California’s counties on Twitter and Facebook. Starting next week, we’re adding a county employee highlight to the weekly series and calling it Membership Monday.

County government is about people helping people, and this new feature is designed to showcase those individuals dedicated to making our communities better each and every day. The Membership Monday series includes questions and answers designed to show the personal side of county service and inspire others considering public service. Some questions are serious and work focused, others are on the lighter side to showcase some personality and individual flair. The goal of the series is to put a face to the names of individuals across the state who are making a difference in our communities through County service.

We hope you enjoy this new series. If you have any additional ideas on how we can better spotlight exemplary county service, please be sure to contact the CSAC Communications Team via David Liebler or Sara Floor.

In a world where headlines can be heavy, we hope Membership Monday becomes a highlight of your week. Getting to know more about members of the County Family is certainly the highlight my mine.

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