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Administration of Justice Bills of Interest – Request for Veto

September 19, 2019

SB 284 (Beall)Juvenile justice: county support of wards

This measure would increase the fee charged to counties to send a youth to the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Given that the final decision as to where youth are placed following adjudication is one decided by a juvenile court judge, CSAC has argued that this legislation will do little to prevent youth from being sent to DJJ and instead result in significant financial impacts on counties. CSAC has additionally argued that this fiscal impact, especially in smaller counties, will negatively impact the progress counties have made to enhance services and could put programming for youth in jeopardy. SB 284 was enrolled and sent to the Governor on September 5.


AB 1477 (Gloria) – Unfair Practices Act

This measure would entitle a city with a population greater than 750,000 to keep the entirety of any civil penalty recovered from an action brought by the city attorney of that city in response to unfair business or advertising practices. The current division of funding between the cities and counties provides both the city and the county the resources that they need to enforce consumer protection laws. CSAC is opposed to this legislation as it would take these resources away from the county. AB 1477 was enrolled and sent to the Governor on September 12.

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