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Administration of Justice End-of-Session Bill Roundup

California’s legislative session came to a close in the early morning hours this week with hundreds of bills now awaiting action by Governor Gavin Newsom. The following provides an update on major bills of interest for the Administration of Justice policy area. CSAC staff will continue to monitor and advocate for County priorities during the signing period, which ends September 30, 2022.

AB 1608 (Gipson)This bill would have prohibited the consolidation of the county sheriff and coroner office, which impacts 48 of our 58 counties that have combined the duties of the coroner and sheriff’s department. CSAC and the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) were jointly opposed to this bill as it would have created significant one-time, and increased ongoing costs to counties, while removing the existing authority of our boards of supervisors. CSAC continuously engaged throughout the year with the Legislature, the author and co-sponsors to address county concerns. During the last night of the legislative session, AB 1608 was moved to the inactive file and did not move forward in the legislative process. CSAC will continue to monitor future legislation focused on the coroner/sheriff issue as we enter a new 2-year legislative session in 2023.

AB 1744 (Levine)This bill extends authorization for the use of flash incarceration for individuals on probation or mandatory supervision until January 1, 2028. AB 1744 would allow for the continued ability to use flash incarceration as a graduated response for individuals on felony probation and mandatory supervision that was previously authorized via AB 597 (Levine), Chapter 44, Statutes of 2019, and SB 266 (Block), Chapter 706, Statutes of 2016. Further, AB 1744 would maintain current requirements in statute to allow an individual to decline flash incarceration and request a court revocation hearing as well as includes notification for example to the court and public defender upon imposition of flash incarceration. Graduated responses such as flash, allow for violations of court-ordered conditions to be addressed in a way that balances safety considerations while maintaining continuity and engagement in rehabilitative services and supports. CSAC supports AB 1744 which was sent to the Governor on August 30.

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