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AENR Requests Feedback on Energy Bills

April 27, 2023

The Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources (AENR) Policy Committee oversees a wide range of issues including energy policy. CSAC continues to support efforts to ensure that California has an adequate supply of safe and reliable energy through a combination of conservation, renewables, new generation and new transmission efforts. CSAC also supports funding mechanisms, including grants, loans and incentives to help implement programs.

This year, there are several legislative proposals regulating the energy space with potential impacts to counties. The AENR team is currently soliciting feedback from counties on the following bills:

AB 50 (Wood) Public utilities: timely service: timely electrical interconnection
CSAC is supporting AB 50, which would establish interim timelines for large electrical corporations to provide customer energization following a written commitment to serve by the utility. A failure to energize customers by the date provided on a commitment to serve will entitle a customer to a utility bill credit.

AB 914 (Friedman) Electrical infrastructure: California Environmental Quality Act: exemptions: review time period
To address the increased demands of electrification, this bill proposes to streamline the permitting process of upgrading utility infrastructure. The measure proposes to establish a two-year time limit, from the date the application is submitted, for a lead state agency to complete California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review and approve or deny an application for an electrical infrastructure project.

AB 1176 (Zbur) General Plans: Local Electrification Planning Act
Every county and city must adopt a general plan with mandatory elements.

This bill would require that when a county or city is adopting or revising a general plan between January 1, 2025 and January 1, 2028, a climate action electrification element be included as part of the general plan.

This would mean identifying strategies and enforceable commitments, policies, and proposed ordinance changes to meet California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals requiring increased electrification of transportation and buildings; setting goals for the implementation of passenger vehicle electric charging stations; identifying areas where electric charging infrastructure may be needed; among other criteria.

AB 1373 (Garcia) Energy
Creates a central procurement entity at the Department of Water Resources and capacity payments for load-serving entities and local publicly owned electric utilities that are deficient in their reliability obligations.

Please contact Ada Waelder, Awaelder@counties.org and Amber Rossow, arossow@counties.org for any comments, questions or concerns.

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