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AB 1744 (Levine) Probation and mandatory supervision: flash incarceration. - Support

Assembly Bill 1744 by Assembly Member Marc Levine would extend the use of flash incarceration by county probation departments until January 1, 2028. Existing law authorizes probation and mandatory supervision, which in each case is a period of time when a person is released from incarceration and is subject to specified conditions and supervision by county probation authorities.

Existing law, until January 1, 2023, allows a court to authorize the use of flash incarceration, as defined, to detain a person in county jail for not more than 10 days for a violation of the conditions of that person’s probation or mandatory supervision, as specified.

CSAC previously supported AB 597 (Chapter 44, Statute of 2019) which extended the sunset of the use of flash incarceration until January 1, 2026.  CSAC is in support of AB 1744 as this sanction tool used by probation departments balances the need to hold offenders accountable for violations of their conditions of supervision while focusing on shorter disruptions from work, home, or programing which can result from longer term formal revocations. 

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