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Attorney General Becerra Releases 2018 California Criminal Justice Statistics Reports

July 5, 2019

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra recently released five annual criminal justice reports that provide law enforcement agencies and the public with statewide data on criminal justice statistics. The reports, as well as the data behind each report, can be accessed via the OpenJustice website.

The reports released are:

  • Crime in California – This report presents statewide statistics for reported crimes, arrests, dispositions of adult felony arrests, adult probation, criminal justice personnel, civilians’ complaints against peace officers, domestic violence-related calls for assistance, anti-reproductive-rights crimes, and law enforcement officers killed or assaulted.
  • Hate Crime in California – This report presents statistics on hate crime events, hate crime offenses, victims of hate crimes, and suspects of hate crimes during 2018. This report also provides statistics reported by district and elected city attorneys on the number of hate crime cases referred to prosecutors, the number of cases filed in court, and the disposition of those cases.
  • Homicide in California – This report provides information about the crime of homicide, including demographic data on victims, persons arrested for homicide, persons sentenced to death, peace officers feloniously killed in the line of duty, and justifiable homicides.
  • Juvenile Justice in California – This report provides insight into the juvenile justice process by reporting the number of arrests, referrals to probation departments, petitions filed, and dispositions for juveniles tried in juvenile and adult courts.
  • Use of Force Incident Reporting – This report presents a summary overview of use of force and discharge of firearm incidents involving a peace officer, as defined in Government Code section 12525.2.

The criminal justice reports and supporting data provide key findings, data visualizations, and downloadable digital datasets. These reports are updated annually on the Attorney General’s OpenJustice website. A copy of the reports can be found here.

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