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Broadband Budget Advocacy Gets Major Support; Continues Through Printing Deadline…and Beyond

June 10, 2021

In breaking news, the State Superintendent for Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond, has sent a letter of support urging that Legislative Leaders include Governor Newsom’s broadband package in the June state budget. Superintendent Thurmond is the latest in a growing crowd of advocates clamoring for immediate action on broadband. View CSAC’s latest coalition letter here.

The Legislature is currently planning to vote on the budget late on Monday, June 14. For that to happen, it would need to be in print by late Friday. However, as recent budget years have shown, the first vote is not the end of the process. Over the subsequent weeks, and even months, the Legislature will likely pass amendments to the budget as well as a number of so-called “trailer bills” that make changes to statute necessary to implement the budget.

These amendments and trailer bills are likely to be especially numerous this year because of the enormous amount of state and federal money in play and because there does not yet seem to be an agreement between legislative leaders and the Governor on most of the major issues, including broadband.

County Supervisors are encouraged to call their legislators and to share this customizable support letternews release, and Broadband Myths and Facts sheet with Legislators, urging this critical and foundational work to move forward immediately. Videos, images and social media messages are available here. Please also retweet CSAC and partners’ social media posts and articles about broadband as well.

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