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CALL TO ACTION: AB 702 Jackson – Local government financing: juvenile justice.

Assembly Bill 702 would revise and recast components of the Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA), including requiring funded programs to be modeled on trauma-informed and youth development approaches in collaboration with community-based organizations (CBOs), requiring that no less than 95% of funds are allocated to CBOs and non-law enforcement government entities, and changing the membership provisions of county juvenile justice coordinating councils. 

CSAC, along with the Urban Counties of California (UCC) and the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) opposed AB 702, which is a two-year bill that would redirect a stable, constitutionally protected funding structure from counties.  At this time, counties are diligently working toward full implementation of SB 823, which shifted the responsibility for the care and custody of criminal justice system-involved youth from the state to county probation.

UCC, RCRC, and CSAC are united in our view that community-based organizations provide vital, indispensable programs and services to justice-involved youth and young adults and are key partners in delivering responsive and culturally relevant programming. However, the process for allocating funds to partner organizations should remain a local decision with robust community engagement given that local governments are accountable for the outcomes associated with the support and supervision of justice-involved youth. Furthermore, we would value a collaborative discussion on separate, new investments in these programs as to complement the existing work of county probation departments that share the goals of diverting individuals from the criminal justice system where possible and facilitating positive community reentry.

AB 702 will be heard in Assembly Committee on Public Safety on January 9, 2024. CSAC and are county partners and affiliate are asking counties to submit letters of opposition asking Legislators to vote NO on AB 702.

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