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Cannabis Trailer Bill Moves through Budget Committees

September 14, 2017

The Administration proposed last minute budget trailer bill language (TBL) related to cannabis clean-up legislation late last week that is working its way through the Senate and Assembly budget committees. The bills, AB 133 and SB 118, contain a number of clean-up provisions to the larger cannabis trailer bill, SB 94 that was passed with the budget in June.

As you may recall, SB 94 was the measure that combined the Medical Cannabis and Regulatory Safety Act (MCRSA) and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA: Proposition 64) into one regulatory framework for the regulation and licensure of medical and adult use cannabis businesses in California. While the trailer bills contain a number of different provisions, there is one of particular concern to local governments. The bills amend the local and state licensing process by allowing the state to issue a license to an applicant that shows proof of local approval without first verifying this with the local jurisdiction.

CSAC, along with all of our local government association partners expressed opposition to this provision of the bill. While timing and process did not permit the Administration to amend this particular component, CSAC received a commitment from the Administration to address this issue through the Emergency Regulatory process. We will keep you apprised of these conversations as they move forward.

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