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County Medical Services Program Grant Opportunities

February 7, 2019

The County Medical Services Program (CMSP) has recently announced two new grant opportunities – CMSP Loan Repayment Program (LRP) and CMSP Health Systems Development Grant (HSG).


In partnership with the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), CMSP will assist with the repayment of educational debt for the following professionals who provide primary healthcare or dental services at an approved contracted site located within the 35 CMSP counties:

  • General Dentist (DDS/DMD)
  • Medicine (MD/DO)
  • Family Medicine
  • General Internal Medicine
  • General Psychiatrics
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) (primary care)
  • Physician Assistant (PA) (primary care)

Eligible applicants may receive loan repayments of up to $50,000 in exchange for a two-year service obligation providing direct patient care at a qualifying, CMSP-contracted facility. Previously awarded applicants may apply for an award extension of up to $20,000. Sites are not required to match the CMSP LRP provider award amount.

The application must be received by April 2, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Providers may apply via CalReach at https://calreach.oshpd.ca.gov. For additional information please visit https://oshpd.ca.gov/loans-scholarships-grants/loan-repayment/cmsplrp/ or email SLRP@oshpd.ca.gov.



The CMSP Governing Board are accepting applications for the HSG Program. A CMSP county or non-profit agency may seek one-time funding of up to $300,000 to strengthen the overall healthcare delivery system, expand access to healthcare, and coordinate care provision within CMSP’s participating counties. Funding is intended to support activities that can be completed in a timeframe of 36 months. Efforts funded by the HSG Program must target persons eligible or potentially eligible for CMSP and may additionally assist populations receiving publicly funded health coverage. HSG Grants may support county-specific or multi-county efforts to:

  • Expand access to care for primary care, specialty care and/or behavioral health services
  • Coordinate and/or integrate health and behavioral health care service systems
  • Strengthen the overall health care delivery system in the county across a range of health and behavioral health providers

Applications must be received by the CMSP Governing Office no later than March 1, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. For additional information and the RFP please visit the CMSP Governing Board’s website at http://www.cmspcounties.org/about/grant_projects.html or email Laura Moyer, Program Analyst – Grants Administration at lmoyer@cmspcounties.org.

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