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CSAC Comments on Cal Recycle’s Latest Organic Waste Regs

May 24, 2018

Cal Recycle recently released its final informal draft of regulations that would implement major changes in organic waste processing as provided for under SB 1383. CSAC Staff has been working closely with the Department for several months during the development of the regulations to provide feedback and its share concerns.

CSAC has recently submitted comments to Cal Recycle on the most recent version of the regulations. These comments express CSAC’s appreciation for the inclusion of some elements of flexibility in compliance with the new regulations. However, the letter also expresses ongoing concerns with the inclusion of local government procurement requirements and the inclusion of specific fines and penalties.

CSAC has suggested that the local procurement requirements and the fines and penalties sections should be addressed in separate rulemaking after the implementation of the program in 2022.

Please click here to view CSAC’s letter to Cal Recycle.

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