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CSAC Submits County Priorities to Administration and Legislature

May 21, 2020

This week the Legislature began holding public hearings to review the Governor’s May Revision Budget. With the condensed Legislative timelines, the Budget Subcommittees are doing their best to fully examine the proposed investments and cuts laid out in the Governor’s 172 page summary. In addition to their internal review, the Legislature has made an asserted effort to hear from the all parties that will be impacted by what the Legislature approves by June 15.

CSAC has completed our initial reviews and has grave concerns about the impact this budget will have on the daily work our counties are required to do. Following our review, CSAC and 10 county affiliate organizations requested state assistance to support 1991 and 2011 Realignment and the critical county public health, human services, behavioral health, and public safety services administered by counties on the state’s behalf in a letter to the Administration and Legislature. CSAC is acutely aware of the substantial fiscal shortfalls the state and counties are facing and plan to work in partnership with the Administration and Legislature to fine-tune efficiencies and make tough decisions that are required of government. What CSAC has concluded is that these tough decisions should not fall heavily on the programs and services that impact the most vulnerable Californians.

The Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1 convened Monday and Tuesday of this week. The subcommittee meetings, chaired by Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula, provided CSAC with the first opportunity to publicly express county concerns with the proposed budget. CSAC pointed out the impacts to the many programs that the Legislature worked to expand in the last few Legislative cycles. In addition to our public testimony, we submitted written testimony on the areas that raise the highest alarms in both the health and human services areas. 

CSAC will continue to report on the May Revision process and the on-the-ground impacts in the upcoming weeks.    

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