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CSAC Supports Vaping Tax Legislation

May 6, 2021

This week, CSAC moved to support SB 395 authored by Senator Anna Caballero. The bill will place an additional retail tax on e-cigarette and vaping products to help support safety-net services across early childhood, public health, and health care systems.

After significant engagement from CSAC affiliate, the First 5 Association of California, Senator Caballero’s office, Senate Committee staff, and stakeholders, the bill was amended this week allowing CSAC the opportunity to fully support this legislation. The bill establishes the Healthy Outcomes and Prevention Education Act, which will impose the California Electronic Cigarette or vape tax of electronic cigarettes and creates the Health Careers Opportunity Grant Fund under Proposition 56. Specifically, the bill will impose an additional 12.5 percent tax on the sale of e-cigarettes. The proceeds from the tax would go towards funding programs under Proposition 10, or First 5 state and local commissions, which are of great importance to counties. Historically, CSAC has advocated for tobacco taxes as a public health preventative measure specifically for youth, as well as a funding mechanism for local public health and First 5 activities.  

The bill has been heard and passed in Senate Governance and Finance Committee as well as the Senate Health Committee. The recently amended bill has been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee before it can be advanced to the Senate Floor. CSAC will express our support for this bill in Senate Appropriations. Counties are encouraged to also send individual letters of support and participate in public comment as the bill continues through the legislative process.

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