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Daily Water Resources for Counties: Where to Find Water News

May 12, 2022

As someone who has worked in the water policy world for over two decades, I’m often asked where I get my information. The truth of the matter is that it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to follow regularly, and what to follow occasionally. With that said, here are my top go-to sources for water information.


Maven’s Notebook

In addition to compiling daily water in the news, Maven (Chris Austin) curates a comprehensive website including up to date meetings, hearings, and reports. Often called the “Switzerland of California Water News,” the site is a daily must-read for water managers and policy folks alike. You can even see some of the classic legislative hearings from the past decade. Some examples of what you can find on this website: Daily Digest: Latest News from Around the Web; Featured Articles (for example, the latest is on PFAs in California); Guest Commentary: (breakdown of SGMA); and, upcoming events from water association partners.


State Websites—Data, Events and Funding

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) revamped and updated its Drought websites to include many useful tools produced by the state. It’s a big website but peruse a bit an you will find key information including a tab titled Drought Well Permitting Requirements that includes the Executive Order Action 9 Fact sheet and both the webinar recording and presentation from an April 2022 County Listening Session.


The Hydroclimate and Water Supply tab is key for water managers. The tab includes all the data sites for water conditions from precipitation to water project allocations and the newly launched California Water Watch.


For immediate help with drought assistance, the state uses Drought.ca.gov to consolidate all emergency funding programs provided by the various state agencies.


Finally, the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) is where most seasoned water managers go to find up to date information on water and river conditions. A bit of overlap with the drought websites but CDEC pulls data from numerous sources to create its content.


Water Education Foundation

No water list would be complete without one of the top sites for neutral information on water in California. The Water Education Foundation breaks information down in numerous ways – including by region and water project – with update to date and in-depth articles on water. They have comprehensive guides on all water subjects. As a graduate of the Water Leaders 2007 class and former water mentor, I find myself using their website as a launching point for many research topics – from their Water Academy to the Newsroom

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