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Federal COVID Update

President Biden extended federal COVID-19 emergency FEMA reimbursements through July 1 of this year. This allows states to continue receiving 100 percent cost reimbursement for COVID-19 emergency response activities. Read the President’s memorandum on the extension here

The President also issued a National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
on March 2. The plan includes four key areas for the ongoing federal COVID-19 response, including:

1) protect against and treat Americans for COVID-19

2) prepare against the emergency of any new variants

3) prevent economic and school shutdowns, and

4) vaccinate underserved countries and populations

However, the federal budget bill passed earlier this week does not include the President’s request for $15.6 billion in ongoing emergency response funding, casting doubt on the rollout of the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Specifically, new federal funding is needed for the purchase of therapeutics and to support ongoing testing nationwide. The Biden Administration may introduce the COVID spending in a separate bill or adjust the plans. CSAC will provide updates as this issue continues.

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