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Feedback Needed on Cannabis Bills

The deadline for the Legislature to introduce new bills has passed and it is a banner year for cannabis legislation. Over the next several months CSAC will continue to keep counties apprised as cannabis legislation moves through the legislative process. For now, CSAC is seeking feedback on the following measures:

SB 1186 (Weiner) – Local Control of Medicinal Cannabis

SB 1186 was amended with the intent of improving access to medical cannabis, however, CSAC has serious concerns about the preservation of local control. The language would prohibit local jurisdictions from adopting any regulation that would prohibit or impose “unreasonable restrictions” on the sale of medicinal cannabis. Below are some of the other key provisions:

  • Local jurisdictions cannot “unreasonably restrict” the number of medicinal cannabis businesses, the operating hours of said businesses, the number or frequency of sales, or the type/quantity of medicinal cannabis sold.
  • Local jurisdictions can limit medicinal cannabis sales to either delivery only or storefront only.
  • CEQA requirements would be waived to allow for the repeal or adoption of local ordinances that would result in the expansion of the medical cannabis market in that jurisdiction.

While CSAC has not officially taken a position on this bill, the language is deeply concerning. We would appreciate feedback on the specific impacts this bill could have on counties.

AB 2691 (Wood) – Temporary Event License for Cannabis Retail

AB 2691 would require the Department of Cannabis Control to issue cultivator event retail licenses. Licensees that cultivate no more than one acre of cannabis, could apply for up to 12 licenses per calendar year which would allow them to sell cannabis for specific, temporary events.

AB 2824 (Bonta) – Cannabis Curbside Pickup

AB 2844 would authorize cannabis retailers to utilize curbside pickup for sales in areas covered by the retailer’s video surveillance system. Curbside pickup has been allowed as an emergency regulation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this bill would codify the emergency regulation.

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