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Feedback Requested on AENR Bills

CSAC is seeking feedback from counties on two bills in the agriculture, environment, and natural resources portfolio. Please send your feedback to Catherine Freeman (cfreeman@counties.org) and Ada Waelder (awaelder@counties.org) by April 8, 2022.

AB 2538 (Rivas) – Wildfire Smoke Notification. AB 2538 would require the Office of Emergency Services to integrate a plan for targeted alerts for public health dangers, including smoke from wildfires. These alerts would be sent in text and voice messages in multiple languages based on ZIP Code. The bill would also require each county to integrate these alerts in the next update to its emergency plan.

AB 2048 (Santiago) – Solid Waste Franchise Agreements. AB 2048 would require local jurisdictions to post current franchise agreements between contract waste and recycling haulers and public agencies to their website. Cal Recycle would, in turn, maintain a publicly accessible database of these agreements.

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