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Governor Commits More Money to Project Homekey

May 12, 2022

Governor Gavin Newsom announced $150 million in new funding for Project Homekey this week.  

The $150 million investment allows local governments to plan for, purchase, refurbish or build potentially thousands of new homeless housing units through a competitive grant process. With the announcement this week, the Governor has committed $3.75 billion to Project Homekey. More than 10,000 housing units have been funded through Project Homekey thus far.

The Governor also announced $166 million in current awards for seven ready-to-go projects, four of which will go to Los Angeles and San Joaquin counties aimed at not only providing housing but additional client-centered support services:

  • The County of Los Angeles will receive $37.3 million to acquire a turnkey converted motel, providing 101 units for permanent supportive housing.


  • The County of Los Angeles will receive $33.8 million for the 818 Hotel project.


  • The County of Los Angeles will receive $19.5 million to acquire and rehabilitate a 53-unit hotel for permanent supportive housing, serving entirely chronically homeless households.


  • The Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin will receive $24.9 million to acquire and convert an existing motel into 69 units of permanent supportive housing.

The announcement of $150 million more for Project Homekey precedes the Governor’s unveiling of his May Revision budget tomorrow (Friday, May 13). CSAC will produce a comprehensive Budget Action Bulletin tomorrow afternoon to update counties on the Governor’s spending plan

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