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Governor Newsom Appoints Secretary of the State’s Health and Human Services Agency

March 7, 2019

The Governor’s office recently announced the appointment of Dr. Mark Ghaly as the new Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency, and the reappointment of Michelle Baass as the undersecretary.

In the health and human services realm, the partnership between the state and our 58 counties is critical to the delivery of services to Californians in need. Dr. Ghaly’s and Ms. Baass’ extensive backgrounds in California’s health, behavioral health, and human services programs –which are administered at the local level by counties – will surely prove to be an asset for the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Dr. Ghaly is a licensed pediatrician, has widespread county experience in both Los Angeles County and San Francisco health departments. Dr. Ghaly will bring a wealth of knowledge of county government operations to a state agency that oversees 12 different departments.

Ms. Baass’ experience within the Senate, the Senate Office of Research, the Legislative Analyst’s Office and the private sector will also serve her well in this reappointment. She also has a firm grasp of many of the complex fiscal county arrangements within the health and human services area.

CSAC looks forward to working closely with Dr. Ghaly and Ms. Baass in the coming years on critical health and human services issues of importance to counties.

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