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Health and Human Services 01/20/2011

CSAC Health and Human Services Technical Realignment Work Group To Meet Friday

The CSAC Health and Human Services Technical Realignment Work Group is being resurrected for a meeting on Friday, January 21, to evaluate Governor Brown’s proposal to realign a series of human services programs to counties.

The HHS Technical Work Group was first convened in June of 2010 to examine the Senate’s restructuring proposals, a task it completed in record time. Now the group is set to discuss Governor Brown’s proposals for Child Welfare Services/Foster Care; Adult Protective Services; Mental Health; and Alcohol and Drug proposals on Friday. The work group’s analysis will then be shared with the larger CSAC Realignment Working Group and CSAC members. The timeframe is short: lawmakers have until March 11 to place a measure on the statewide ballot to ensure a June 7 special election. 

All existing members of the CSAC HHS Technical Realignment Work Group will be notified of the meeting via email. Should you or another member of the county family wish to also participate, please email Farrah McDaid Ting.

Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees to Take Up HHS Issues

Both the Senate and Assembly have announced budget hearings that will focus on health and human services issues over the next three weeks. 

The hearings will examine Governor Brown’s HHS-related budget proposals, but are not expected to specifically include the Governor’s plan for a realignment of programs from the state to the counties. Should a county wish to weigh in on a budget-related issue, CSAC recommends submitting letters to the committees as soon as possible before hearings commence. 


The Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1 on Health and Human Services will begin hearings on Tuesday, January 25. Their schedule, along with the hearing topics of interest to counties, is as follows:

Tuesday, January 25: Secretary for Health and Human Services, Department of Aging, Department of Child Support Services, Department of Public Health, Department of Managed Health Care, and Emergency Medical Services Authority. 

Wednesday, January 26: Department of Mental Health, Department of Education (AB 3632), and Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

Thursday, January 27: Child Welfare Services, Foster Care, In-Home Supportive Services, Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment, and Adult Protective Services.

Tuesday, February 1: Department of Health Care Services, and Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (Medi-Cal and Healthy Families Program). 

Wednesday, February 2: CalWORKs. 

Thursday, February 3: Department of Developmental Services


The Senate Budget Subcommittee No. 3 on Health and Human Services will begin hearings on Wednesday, January 26. Their schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, January 26: Department of Health Care Services (Medi-Cal), Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (Healthy Families Program), and Emergency Medical Services Authority.

Thursday, January 27: Department of Social Services (CalWORKs, CalFresh, Office of System Integration)

Tuesday, February 1: Department of Mental Health (Proposition 63 Redirection, Community Mental Health, and State Hospitals), Department of Public Health (AIDS Drug Assistance Program), and Department of Health Care Services. 

Thursday, February 3: Department of Social Services (In-Home Supportive Services, Security Income/State Supplementary Payment), Department of Aging, and Department of Rehabilitation. 

Tuesday, February 8: Department of Social Services (Child Welfare Services), Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, Department of Community Services & Development, and Department of Child Support. 

Thursday, February 10: Department of Developmental Services, and health-related open issues. 

Please refer to the Assembly and Senate’s Daily File for hearing start times and location.

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