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Health and Human Services 05/11/2012


AB 2352 (Hernández) – Support
As Introduced on February 24, 2012

AB 2352, by Assembly Member Roger Hernández, would allow CalWORKs applicants and recipients to own reliable cars by deleting the requirement that counties assess the value of a motor vehicle when determining or redetermining CalWORKs eligibility. 

AB 2352 is similar to last year’s AB 1182, which was vetoed by the Governor. Counties believe that this change will promote work participation and self-sufficiency among low-income California families and eventually help CalWORKs recipients move off of public aid. It is for these reasons that we support Assembly Member Hernández’s measure again this year. 
The Assembly Appropriations Committee passed AB 2352 on May 9, and it now goes to the Assembly Floor.

Child Welfare Services/Foster Care

SB 1319 (Liu) – Support
As Amended on April 11, 2012

SB 1319, by Senator Carol Liu, is a highly technical measure that would make three small changes to existing law, but it will streamline certain components of the foster care system for the foster family homes, agencies, and treatment facilities that treat and house our state’s most vulnerable children.

The technical changes in the measure were proposed by San Bernardino County and are supported by the County Welfare Directors Association. The Senate Appropriations Committee determined that the measure had no state costs, so it has been sent directly to the Senate Floor and placed on the Consent Calendar. 

SB 1432 (Steinberg) – Pending
As Amended on April 26, 2012

SB 1432, by Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, is a measure supported by children’s advocates to impose additional state oversight over the child welfare services (CWS) system, which was realigned to counties in 2011. 

CSAC, along with the County Welfare Directors Association, have concerns about the measure. The Assembly Human Services Committee heard, amended, and passed SB 1432 on April 25. The Assembly Appropriations Committee will hear SB 1432 on May 14. 

AB 2093 (Skinner) – Support
As Amended May 1, 2012

AB 2093, by Assembly Member Nancy Skinner, would provide students in foster care who transition from high school to college with a Student Services Representative. This goal is to provide assistance that is tailored to the specific challenges that current and former foster youth face and increase their rates of success in a higher education environment. 
The Assembly Appropriations Committee placed AB 2093 on the Suspense File on May 9.

Public Health

SB 1517 (Wolk) – Support
As Amended on April 9, 2012

SB 1517, by Senator Lois Wolk, would ensure that the County Medical Services Program (CMSP) may continue to provide health care services to low-income Californians in thirty-four rural counties. 

On January 1 of this year, CMSP launched Path2Health, an innovative health care program for adults aged 18 to 64 whose income is at or below 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Path2Health is CMSP’s version of a county Low-Income Health Program (LIHP) authorized under the state’s Section 1115 Medicaid “Bridge to Reform” Waiver, and it allows CMSP to draw down federal funding for serving this new population of adults. Path2Health is a critical piece of the health care safety net in rural counties, providing integrated and innovative health care that includes behavioral health and substance abuse services. 

However, the cash flow process for CMSP – which relies on 1991 Realignment funding and general fund contributions from each of its member counties – does not align with federal reimbursement schedules under the Waiver. Hence the need for Senator Wolk’s SB 1517, which would authorize a loan of up to $30 million dollars to CMSP from the California Department of Finance to “smooth” the cash flow process. Senate Bill 1517 also allows CMSP to consolidate the schedule of participation fees contributed by each county from 12 annual payments to 10. 

The Senate Appropriations Committee placed SB 1517 on their Suspense File on May 7 due to concern about state costs. 

AB 2109 (Pan) – Support
As Amended on April 23, 2012

AB 2109, by Assembly Member Richard Pan, would require a parent or guardian seeking an immunization personal belief exemption for their child to provide a document signed by themselves and a licensed health care practitioner acknowledging that the parent or guardian has been informed by the health care practitioner of the benefits and risks of immunization as well as the health risks associated with communicable diseases. 
CSAC and the County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC) support AB 2109, which was passed by the full Assembly on May 10. It now goes to the Senate.

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