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Health and Human Services 09/21/2012

UCLA Releases Helpful LIHP Report

The UCLA Center for Health Policy research has released policy note on  “Successful Strategies for Increasing Enrollment in California’s Low Income Health Program (LIHP).”  The 20-page report, generated with help from 20 county LIHPs, spotlights the success counties have had in enrolling nearly half a million new clients into local health plans. The report also outlines successful outreach, enrollment, retention and redetermination strategies employed by the county LIHPs. 

The report also illustrates the challenges counties have faced in implementing the LIHPs with numerous helpful charts and graphs, and explains how the LIHPs have given the state a head start on implementing the Affordable Care Act. It was funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation and the California Department of Health Care Services, with support from the California Medicaid Research Institute.

Child Welfare Services/Foster Care

AB 823 (Dickinson) – Support

AB 823, by Assembly Member Roger Dickinson, would have created a California Children’s Coordinating Council tasked with ensuring better coordination and delivery of services to our children and their families. 

The bill would specifically have created the Children’s Coordinating Council and given Governor Jerry Brown the authority to appoint the members. By coordinating the continuum of children’s services in California and working to streamline and maximize available private and federal funding, counties believed that the creation of a California Children’s Coordinating Council would have had long-term social and economic benefits for all residents. It was for these reasons that CSAC supported the bill, but the Governor vetoed it on September 17. Here is his veto message: 

“I am returning Assembly Bill 823 without my signature. This bill establishes a ‘Children’s Coordinating Council,’ consisting of members of government, to advise itself on how it can improve collaboration amongst itself when it comes to delivering services to the children of this state. For almost two years now, my administration has worked to eliminate unnecessary boards, commissions, advisory bodies, and reports, so that government is not so overloaded with the work of form over the work of function. I commend the author’s heartfelt desire to improve the lot of all children in the state, but the creation of another Council is not the solution. If anything, it lulls us into the fallacy that forms can solve our problems. Instead, let’s try to be honest and thoughtful about the good we can do, and then do the good without the statutory decree, not because of it.” 

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