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Health and Human Services 12/03/2010

Stage 3 Child Care Cut Curbed Until December 31

On November 17, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Wynne Carvill ordered a temporary halt to the Governor’s veto of $256 million in state funding for Stage 3 CalWORKs child care services. 

Judge Carvill’s order requires the state to continue funding for the Stage 3 program until December 31 and to use its “best efforts” to screen parents for alternative childcare services. The order, or settlement, also requires state-contracted child care agencies to inform families of their right to request a screening for any available child care alternatives. 

Before the judge issued his order, County First 5 Commissions in 42 counties had stepped up to provide bridge funding for the program. It is unclear how the First 5 funding will interact with the court-ordered state funding, and what will happen in January 2011. 

CSAC will continue to monitor this issue and notify counties of any new developments.

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