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March 25, 2016

AB 2651 (Gomez) – Request for Comments
As introduced February 19, 2016
Greenway Easements

AB 2651 would change existing law related to greenways and require general plan land use elements to designate the proposed general distribution and location of greenways within the jurisdiction. The bill would require a greenway to incorporate an array of amenities within urbanized areas. The bill would also require greenway easements created for the purpose of developing greenways to be consistent with restoration efforts undertaken at the adjacent urban waterways at the time of the creation of the easement. CSAC is interested in any feedback counties may have on these new statutory provisions as they may relate to existing or planned greenways within your jurisdiction.

AB 2783 (Garcia, Eduardo) – Request for Comments
As introduced February 19, 2016
Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities

AB 2783 would require the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) to revise the guidelines and selection criteria with respect to density requirements of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Grant Program and to include specified factors, including energy efficiency, in its greenhouse gas quantification methodology. The author states that while the SGC has attempted to make AHSC more equitable and impactful for all California communities through the establishment of the Rural Innovation Project Area (RIPA) program and a 10% rural set-aside, density requirements under current guidelines can require densities that are difficult to build to in rural disadvantaged communities. CSAC is interested whether counties think their proposed could benefit from adjustments to the AHSC program as proposed in AB 2738.

AB 2796 (Low) – Request for Comments
As introduced February 19, 2016
Alternative Transportation Program

AB 2796 would make changes to the required allocation of funds under California’s Active Transportation Program. Currently 50% and 10% of available funds are required to be allocated to projects statewide and to projects in small urban and rural regions, respectively, with the remaining 40% of available funds to be awarded to projects by metropolitan planning organizations based on their relative populations. This bill would require a minimum of 5% of available funds in each of the three distribution categories to be awarded for planning and community engagement for active transportation in disadvantaged communities. CSAC is interested to know whether such planning and engagement money would be helpful for communities within your jurisdictions, or if other uses are higher priorities.

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