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Housing Land Use and Transportation 09/27/2013


SB 510 (Jackson) – Request for Signature
Chaptered on September 26, 2013, Chapter 373, Statutes of 2013

SB 510, by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, will clarify existing law governing the conversion of mobile home parks from rental to resident owned. Specifically, the measure will require local agencies to consider the results of surveys of mobile home park residents when deciding to approve, conditionally approve, or disprove a subdivision. Further, it will give counties and cities the authority to disprove a subdivision if at least a majority of the park’s residents do not support the conversion indicated through the survey.

Mobile homes are an important source of affordable housing in California – with approximately 5,000 parks statewide. Many local jurisdictions impose rent controls to ensure mobile homes remain affordable to those on fixed-incomes, such as seniors and working families. The state is still facing a shortage of decent housing affordable to low-income Californians and this measure would provide that mobile home residents have a voice in conversion proposals as well as clarifying the powers of local agencies in the subdivision process. For these reasons, CSAC requested the Governor’s signature on SB 510. 

SB 510 was signed by the Governor and filed with the Secretary of State on September 26.

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