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Housing, Land Use and Transportation 12/07/2013

Wrap-Up: Another Successful Housing, Land Use, & Transportation Policy Committee Meeting

The CSAC Housing, Land Use, and Transportation Policy Committee had another successful meeting during the 118th CSAC Annual Meeting in Los Angeles County last week. The agenda was packed full of timely and important information for counties, both in retrospect of accomplishments achieved in 2012 and in preparation for the 2013 legislative session. A few significant highlights include:

  • Director of the California Department of Housing and Community Development, Linn Warren, provided an update to the committee members on current efforts underway regarding statewide housing policy. His comments regarding his strong commitment to achieving real housing element review streamlining and reform was music to our ears. CSAC staff will keep you posted on the ongoing efforts to ensure statewide housing policy goals are met in local housing elements but that the review HCD provides is efficient and effective.
  • Sonoma County Counsel, Bruce Goldstein, provided an update on the status of CSAC’s efforts to influence new and renewed Tribal-State Gaming Compactsunder the Brown Administration. In 2011, the CSAC Board of Directors directed CSAC staff to pursue amendments to the current Compact template to improve implementation outcomes for counties. CSAC did achieve some measureable successes in the Graton Compact, ratified in March 2012, which are summarized here. It’s our understanding that the Graton Compact will serve as a template for other Compacts negotiated by Governor Brown.  
  • CSAC staff also reviewed the key provisions of the recently enacted federal surface transportation reauthorization measure – Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP 21). Notably, CSAC had some wins within the measure which include increase funding for transportation safety projects, the retention of funding for local off-system bridges, and increased environmental and project delivery streaming to name a few. CSAC staff remains engaged in MAP 21 as we work on state implementation of the federal bill. Please contact HLT Senior Legislative Analyst, Kiana Buss, should you have any questions regarding the provisions within MAP 21 or our efforts on state implementation.
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