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Housing, Land Use and Transportation 12/14/2012

Sidewalk Repairs

AB 22 (Blumenfield) – Oppose
As Introduced on December 3, 2012

AB 22, by Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield, would prohibit a city, county, or city and county that has an ordinance in operation that requires the city, county, or city and county to repair or reconstruct streets, sidewalks, or driveways that have been damaged as a result of tree growth from repealing the ordinance without the concurrence of the local electorate by majority vote. 

AB 22 is similar to AB 2231 (Fuentes) from the 2012 legislative session, which attempted shift the burden onto counties and cities for the entire cost of sidewalk repairs, even if the damage to a sidewalk resulted from a tree on private property, in various different forms. CSAC opposed all versions of the 2012 legislation and will oppose AB 22 in the 2013 legislative session for the same reasons. Specifically, AB 22 as introduced, undermines the role of local elected officials to make important local municipal decisions that best suit the needs and resources of their community. 

Vote Thresholds

SCA 4 (Liu) – Support
As Introduced on December 3, 2012

SCA 4, by Senator Carol Liu, would provide that the imposition, extension, or increase of a special tax by a local government for the purpose of providing funding for local transportation projects requires the approval of 55% of its voters voting on the proposition.

CSAC supports a reduced voter threshold for the imposition of a local tax for transportation purposes as it provides local governments with a better tool for raising additional, much needed transportation funds in communities across California. Whether seeking an extension of an existing sales tax or the imposition of a new sales tax for transportation, many counties, both small and large, would benefit from a reduced voter threshold to provide local revenues for transportation purposes.

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