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Housing, Land Use and Transportation update 3/7/2014

Land Use

SB 1155 (Lieu) – Request for Comments
As introduced February 20, 2014

SB 1155 by Senator Ted Lieu would require counties and cities, prior to approving a project within a delineated earthquake fault zone, where mapping to identify seismic hazard zones has not been completed, to determine that either the project has a minimum setback of 75 feet from any mapped active trace fault or the project is not located on an active trace fault as determined by a geological site investigation. The bill assumes that cities and counties would pass the costs of compliance on to project applicants through fees.

CSAC is interested in comments from counties about the potential impacts of this legislation. The bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance and may be acted upon on or after March 23.


AB 2355 (Levine) – Request for Comments
As Introduced February 21, 2014

AB 2355 by Assembly Member Marc Levine would require local agencies to adopt standards at least as accepting of the use of recycled road materials as Caltran’s standards, including recycled paving materials, and recycled base, subbase, and pervious backfill materials. If counties chose not to adopt such standards, the bill requires them to discuss the reasons for not doing so at a public hearing. CSAC previously circulated an earlier draft that would have imposed additional reporting requirements on counties as well as created a more ambiguous standard for the percentage of recycled material to be accepted.

CSAC is interested in comments from counties regarding their current standards for accepting recycled materials in road projects, as well as any difficulties anticipated from implementation of this legislation. The bill may be heard in committee on or after March 25.

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